Hey, welcome to Happy kid!

We are Jack and Rebecca, the co-founders of Happy Kid. Our mission is to provide kids in New Zealand with cost-effective school shoes and school bags. 

The reason why we decided to create Happy Kid is that we spent much time and visited so many school shoes shops, but failed to find a pair of good-looking, breathable, comfortable and reasonably priced school shoes for our daughter Eva. When Rebecca complained again why it was so difficult to get a good pair of school shoes in New Zealand, I blurted out: “let’s do it by ourselves, why not?” So Happy Kid was set up.  

It's easy to have an idea, but hard to execute. In order to make the ideal school shoes, we should not only meet the schools’ uniform regulations, but also consider the aesthetics and comfort of the shoes, as well as the production cost. What we want to do is a pair of school shoes that parents can afford, that children love, and that are comfortable and durable. We spent 18 months doing market research, selection and production. In January 2021, Happy Kid brand school shoes were successfully launched.

When we saw how our daughter was happy with her new school shoes, we thought all the hard work for 18 months was worth it. We also sincerely hope that parents in New Zealand can find perfect school shoes for their children at Happy Kid.

When we learned from more and more customers that the school backpacks they bought for their kids broke within one or two terms, we decided to add school bags to our product collections. That's why you see that we also have a huge variety of school bags.

As a new brand, we haven’t done good enough, but we're always striving to do better because we've always kept our mission in mind, which is to provide kids in New Zealand with affordable school shoes and school bags.